"I truly believe that life begins when you realize that there is more for you than what you see now.  You are powerful, you are worth it and you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength."



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KETO Coffee

Burn Fat with Butter Coffee

Dr. Nassif Skincare

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 Ultimate Body Wrap


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45 Minutes.

My Story

I am a stay at home mom turned millionaire mentor...

My story began when I simply wanted and extra $100 to put my two girls in dance class.  I was that stay at home mom that was on a tight budget and wanted something more for my family.  I started my business in 2015 and had no idea that it would change not only my life but my family and friends' lives as well.  Because I took a step of faith and believed that I was created for more, I am able to Live More, Give More and Save More.  My greatest joy in life is watching my family dream without limits and partnering with people that want to dream as well!  In 3 short years I became a Millionaire Club Member and Top 10 Income Earner!  If you believe that your were created for more and are looking for a vehicle to get you there, I would love to partner with you!

Believe It. See It. Pray for It. Work for It.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost to get started is $99. That's It!

You will get to choose from 4 customized business kits that best fit your lifestyle so that you can launch your new business!  With the products that are included with your kit, there is literally ZERO RISK to join!

Can I be successful?

If you will commit to working this business everyday for 1 year... it will change your life!  You will have every tool and resource you need to be successful including mentorship from John and Sheri who are a top 10 income earners!!!

Things to know

Top 10 Team Support

No Inventory

No Quotas

Big Bonuses

Unbeatable Compensation Plan

No Experience Required

Amazing Products